*NEW* Reading for Tuesday January 11th

For the 11th, you should read Chapter Nine and Chapter Ten. Ideally, you should read both. However, if you only have time to read one, please read Chapter 10 on Asia.

*NEW* Reading for Tuesday  January 18th

For the 18th, you should read Chapter Eleven and Chapter Twelve.

*NEW* Reading for Tuesday January 25th

For the 25th, you should read Chapters Thirteen, Fourteen and Fifteen. Ideally, you should read all three. However, if you only have time to read one, please read Chapter 14 on democracy promotion.


Reading for Tuesday December 21st

For the 21st, you should read Chapter Seven and Chapter Eight.

Reading for Tuesday December 14th

For the 14th, you should read the new, improved Chapter Five, and Chapter Six.

Reading for Tuesday December 7th 

For Tuesday December 7th, you should read Chapter Five.

Please come to class on Tuesday ready, as ever, to debate and discuss the reading.

Reading for Tuesday November 30th

For  Tuesday November 30th, you should read Chapter Four.

Readings for Tuesday November 16th

For Tuesday November 16th, you should read Chapter Two and Chapter Three.

Readings for Tuesday November 9th 

For Tuesday 9th, you should read the Introduction and Chapter One.

For your reference, here are the endnotes for the chapters, and the appendix.

(Please read the two chapters, and come to class on Tuesday prepared to discuss them).

Readings for Tuesday November 2nd

Please read these chapters, by Onuma and Taylor respectively.

PLEASE NOTE: When I sent you all a mail to tell you the files were up, the message did not reach the following students, because of lack of storage capacity:

Hyesoo, Wonjin, Aya, Saki, Haruka, Tsun Yu, Chin-Ting.

Readings for Tuesday October 26th

For those of you unable to receive them, here are copies of last week’s readings:

For the Jack Donnelly reading, click here, and for the Amartya Sen reading, click here.

 Readings for Tuesday October 19th

1. Please read this introductory chapter by Joanne Bauer and Daniel Bell.

2. Please read this chapter by Tatsuo Inoue.

Readings for Tuesday October 12th

For the Gareis and Varwick reading, please click here.

For my PPT on the UN and human rights, please click here.

For a copy of the UDHR, please click here.

For a copy of the Concluding Observations on Japan’s Fifth Period Report to the Human Rights Committee, please click here.


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